Sunday, June 5, 2011


hi all sorry for not blogging! lol. i wonder the all refer to how many people anyway, i was at the flea today and im NOT BUYING! im selling but seriously wtf man earn almost nothing. barely cover my expenses for today. actually cover all la exact transport. but i had fun with cheryl friends. exchange clothes and all hahahahaha. all of us were very pretty hahahaha. saw a few bloggers! all very pretty :) photos !!!!
 this is my booth ...... super messy and not attracting hahahaha.
 baby came to pei me ^^
 AND AND AND i dont know why but my phone camera so blurry soft. hahaha. like soft focus or whatsoever la.

 furry leg warmer! super warm la.

 was taking photos cause baby talking on phone
present from baby. k not really a present. lol just buy only. 

weeeeeeeeeeeee anyway got a few shirts from friends hehehehe. will try and take photos and post k/1 anyway shades from friends!!!! <3

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