Monday, July 11, 2011

shoponblog blogger giveaway!

once upon a time, on a dark night. i was stalking kiyomi blog and tada! i saw the post about the shoponblog giveaway for blogger. so tada! i blogging -.- lol. gonna show you 3 photos. 1st without lashes. 2nd with demi lashes. and last with falsies hahaha. please spot the difference.
super nude eh but not bad la lol.
IM SHOWING ALL MY FLAWS AT MY CHIN! k whatever im wearing demi lashes. not very obvious best to combine with some full falsies but so far im too lazy to do so.

fucking unglam! but at least can see the lashes lol. this is like........ dolly wink 1? hahahahaha fuck i dont know man. look ABIT look like only. a bit. just a tiny weeny bit. really. 

k back to topic shoponblog giveaway! i fucking cheapo. all my lens super cheap one hahaha. so i immediately join this giveaway when i see they giving away lashes. BOTTOM LASH SOMEMORE! BOTTOM LASH LEH! i dont have bottom falsies at all! *whisper* 

I SUPER BIASED YES! bottom lashes picture biggest hahahaha. cheapo la bo bian. actually i have quite alot falsies alr. BUT WHO WILL HAVE ENOUGH FALSIES?! 

cheek color and mascara. orange huh. okay la can try la lol. not bad also new stuff. you know? huo dao lao xue dao lao? but when you 70 80 please huh dont put orange alr. scary leh. 
and actually i dont really like mascara cause hard to remove. but who knows dolly wink leh famous leh can try la lol. anyway also my sister use the most. 

so yeah full stop if you want join the go their facebook for more info. 

so go join go join. visit these site for more also. 

okay i shall end off with a picture ! 

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! k im sorry thats not me. i try to act chio only. anyway visit her blog. she also one of the shoponblog blogger. if i so pretty i die at young age also happy hahahhaa.  
i stalk her one sia! lol 


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