Saturday, June 16, 2012

Movie reviews: Prometheus vs Dictator

It kind of a bad comparison cause the movie are of different genes, but these are the recent movie I watched. So yeah.

Prometheus 2/5

Its about a group of people trying to find out who is their creator (whom they call it engineers).
THIS MOVIE SUCKS! And I'm not kidding. Too many people I know are complaining bout this movie. But first let me tell you why I give it a 2

This ship worth 1 cause it reminds me of gundam

And this woman here worth 1 more (in case you don't know she is the queen in the snow white and the huntsman)

Okay back to the movie. Some parts of the movie has TOTALLY no connection to whatever the character is trying to achieve.
- why poison your companion?
- why wanna kill/create humans (unanswered throughout!!! At least answer one please!
- what the robot trying to achieve
- who were those people? Are they the engineers? Or human created by them?

And much more! Some parts are damn gross. Maybe one or two. And that's all -.-
I enter the cinema with anticipation and left the cinema with tonnes of questions. Thanks. -.-


dictator 4.5/5

I shall start with why 4.5/5. Because its too short! It's only 1h plus! Less than 1.5h but it's hilarious. Too funny another point why is it funny.

This woman is in! Lol the girl from scary movies. So you know what to expect alr right haha.
As compared to Prometheus the motive of everyone is VERY CLEAR! It shows what the character wants and how they feel. However,it's m18. Actually I got nothing much to say bout this movie.
Firstly, it's short. Secondly, it is just showing what he did in order to achieve what he wanted with lost of funny scene that doesn't seem out of place or overdo at all.

In case you are wondering how the dictator looks like. And the shows/films he's in

Circled the more famous ones.

And his favourite move lol.


Top from h&m.
Shorts from F21

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