Saturday, February 26, 2011

my little pony ~~~

wahahahah damn cute right! i know! but it's so kiddy ... ... hahahaha nvm i like ! my little pony it's my very very first fav thing! it's like super cute and they can fly hahahah my fav was ...
super pretty can! hahaha
it's like she can fly and so colourful and pretty lo. rainbow haha. her name was star catcher, i think ... well all the pony look alike like seriously.
alike right ! k except the hair color. or am i the only one ... lol this one is rainbow dash hahaha. so yeah -.- 
then my header that pony is twilight spices. i thought it was star catcher at first in the end i saw the words -.- but yeah still pretty and cute. i cant believe i'm 18 alr and i'm posting bout my little pony hahahaha. 

so to end this post... 
last time from what i remember .... little pony looks like this 
super chio right! is like woah man!

and now ....

what the shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt?! they look like i dont know cats? dogs?

i don't even know whether is it the same artist. it's like huge differences. i think not the same hahahaha. 

but still little pony is cute ! my iphone theme is little pony hahahhahahaha. ~♥

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