Sunday, February 27, 2011

a leopard never change its spot

i'm sure everyone heard this phrase before, be it used on you or you used on others.

why i like leopard prints? why i so crazy over it? (k quite crazy not really crazy) cause it's nice? cause it's leopard? if it's only yellow/orange is it still leopard print? no

same shit. top half looks like leopard or bottom. leopards got its spot for a reason, and i dont know the reason.but if a leopard doesn't have its spots, it look like a  lioness. THAT'S WHY LEOPARD NEVER CHANGES ITS SPOT! k no link but seriously got link right?! lol means it will never change just like the earth is round. (random) and it means history will repeat itself. and this is what happening to XXX right now. going back to his old ways and doing what he did last time and sooner or later history will repeat itself. but this time round it affected more people and making more people frustrated and pissed. seriously man it's like 

WTF KNNBCCB CB SMLJ HONG GAN NNB FUCK BASTARD FUCKER LJ KIA @#$%&@$@%*@$%@$@$@#@%&@$#@%@$*@$&@@$&@#$&@%&@#%@$&%@$&

hereby i apologize for the variety of vulgarities used and the no link-ness. although i dont give a shit wahahahahahahaha. k wtf bye 

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