Saturday, April 2, 2011

iphone i hate/love you

my iphone officially died on me my freaking 3gs. you sucks. i tried to give you nettery supply why you died on me huh?! tmd. you ungrateful ass! zzz. im gonna sell away baby 3gs and buy 4g wahahahahah. then me and baby can video call. but iphone damn dick can! so troublesome! k im gonna list out whats so dick bout iphone.

why cant you be friendly with other phones?! why cant bluetooth?! so troublesome!
why? itunes your mother huh? everything must go through her first? make my life so difficult
you damn outdated can?! mokia and sony alr have video call lo. htc front camera like zai only. your front camera so long then come out piang. sleeping huh?
now all phone trying to use the same charger why you so special huh?
k actually im watching fairy tail and blogging now so i cant think of any now

so many apps! eh seriously i think thats the main reason why people take iphone.
i can do many things on my iphone! email, tweet, blog, blah blah and la la.
eh actually i think these 2 reason win alr lo. no need think alr

hahahahah k im gonna blog once i got my iphone 4 k *yes im showing off! anyway my face cui alr lo alot pimple then i go scratch hahahaha. feel like dying k hahaha. but i bought masks! the sale girl tell me super good leh. i dont know i try la. if nice i buy more and intro you all k? (intro like 2-5 of you -.-)

k bye at fairy tail exciting part alr.

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