Wednesday, March 30, 2011

jeff bday~

hey ! im bored! so im blogging woohoo! k whatever. for jeff bday we went to vivo city! woah! so not special! lol anyway yeah we watched morning glory. not bad i would say. kinda funny much more better than sucker punch i swear with my life.
 birthday present from cheryl yappie! hahaha. she hate me for choosing this. wahahhaa.

 happy 20 years old boy! hahaha old alr. tsk tsk.
 actually there's around 4 people taking photos hahahah so he dont know where to look .
 totally unglam .
 cause his eye is red so yeah............. SIAN
 on my way home and my make up is almost all gone. fml. too lazy to touch up.
 EH I REALISE MY EYES BIGGER ALR! HAHAHHA joking. anyway got see my eyebrows! nice not?! i like leh hahahah.

i look...... sly -.-

oh ya! wtf im doing telemarketing now for era you know those irritating people who call your house and ask whether you want sell house not hahhaha. yes im one of them now, hate me k. anyway! today some cb purposely speak hokkien cause i dont know how to speak hokkien  (actually i dont know how to spell it) but i understand every single word she say k! she says things like ya you look for me? then look for me dont know how to speak my language?! i dont know what you talking what you want?! you look for me now i talking to you you dont know how speak arh?! NBCB! you want hokkien? k if i speak hokkien i think you gonna complain k? i think my hokkien (vulgarities) dictionary more ai zai than you hahahah. but fml man my directior behind me. so yeah.... FUCK YOU @$#$&@^#%*&%^*!&@ -.-

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