Friday, April 8, 2011

should i ?

seriously. should i change my blogskin?! hahaha. i feel like some dumb fuck being so obsess by my little pony. but it's fucking cute though. i think i gonna change to plain and put my pics for the header! hahahah all my chio pics only. maybe try photoshop? alot of people photoshop their pics now. i wanted to. but...... i too fail alr. most of the time the pic will end up like shit. swear -.-''

oh ya! i watched kai chou wa maid sama. all over again. lol maybe i can tell you what each episode about alr. and im gonna buy the comics also if not like no ending. see le very piss off. and show ya my new wallpaper.
cute right! i think everyone know this anime lo. like freaking famous? i think. oh ya another anime that freaking nice is fairy tail 
the cat damn cute! the anime quite funny also hahaha. 

and now im using a new type of japanese brand masks. quite cheap? 2 bucks each. i trying now but so far not bad. k actually wanna post all and shit but ya know what? i feel like shitting so yeah bye. later lazy continue blogging alr. maybe tmr night then change blogskin bye. 

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