Wednesday, April 13, 2011

king's laksa steamboat

i going buy new laptop! if school approve instalment hahaha. then maybe baby gonna use my current laptop then i use new one? hehehe. then of course he pay for my current laptop la! anyway ~ went to a new restaurant for dinner. steamboat buffet~ wahahahaha.
first round. alot right! cause we got 7 people so they give the ingredients according to the amount of people and there's fine! if we don't finish it -.- so basically we just stuff everything in lol. damn alot can. cause we order like hahaha like fuck man.


 k i decided to change to photo size to small if not i see alr also piss off. hahaha let you go see the pic then decide whether want go not k i lazy alr. not like alot people see. pfffff. seriously actually not bad. plus they let you mix your own sauce and all. will go again. k enought of food.
 k no me again. fml lol. and my iphone still down! kns!!! bye zzz.

Address: 17 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore

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