Thursday, April 21, 2011

update! with super chio pic!

okay ! THIS IS SO LONG AGO PIC! it's taken on the saturday and it's like wednesday now? lol and i went with like super loght make up. got make up machiam never. k i got like 10 pics here super fail. prove how bored we are. got different style. fail attempt to pose like super models, fail to take a good and nice group pic lol. all bent down dont know for what! so spacious! hahahha. and if you realise there's actually this pic that is bigger than the others. hahahahha that pic! MY FRIEND SAY I LOOK LIKE KOREAN! hahhahaa i fucking biased i know. i look nice then i post hahahha. eh at least i posted some chio bu photos right.





and i have my own namecard! lalallalala~ but for show only la -.- do all the sai kang only. AND HOR! i got alot of things to post! i went out with cheryl :( to nex. but that cb never send me all the pics :( she damn ass. now i cant upload. then i still got the photoshoot photos need to post it. and erm~~~~ tmr posting my new laptop!!!!!! wahahhahaha. current laptop give my boyfriend~~~~ k i needa go tmr need wake early.

boyfriend if you are reading this
iie luRrbbe luRrbbe euuiix wo0rRszxs!!!


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