Saturday, April 16, 2011

WARNING: full of vulgarities

HI! MY FUCKING IPHONE IS LOST WEEEEEEEE! @#$%&$^&#w$&# FUCKED UP! seriously i think someday they gonna add the fuck into dictionary. got fuck (verb), fucked (past tense), fucking (........ tense). anyway yes my fucking iphone lost! and my stupid baby still quarrel with me! weee! fml okay knn mad pissed. but now okay alr. and now im using a stupid phone call Samsung jet! you know where got sell bb cheap cheap not? i want buy leh. then i august then can recontract then get phone. so im stuck with this stupid fucking phone for like 4 fucking months?! seriously fml. long time since i take such a lousy phone. k nevermind! cause i getting new laptop! and maybe ipad2 if they reach singapore fast enough and camera after i get money wahahahaha.

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