Wednesday, May 18, 2011

haji lane! but bought nothing~~~ weeee~~~

weehee hi all! today i damn happy cause i got something damn nice woohoo! it's..... i dont know actually hahahha. it's gloomy best friend i think
super cute and it cost me 4 bucks. because of.....
TG TOKENS! woohoo! this is officially my fav game of all! other then guilty gear! actually i got max like 800+ la but in the end i spam till left 400++ -.- if not i got 1k inside my card alr! T.T can change 2 SOFT TOYS LEH! 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but never mind T.T and i realize start playing this game is good cause when baby is playing his kof and street fighter i can play this wahahhaha. everytime top up $4 can alr.

and today i went out with cheryl yappie! weeheeehee. and i make a vlog! hahaha. BUT IM NOT POSTING! too cui alr hahaha. kkk photos with cheryl yappie!


this one super nice so i put bigger size hahaha. 
 anyway the waffle also super nice la! cost us total $10.30 waffles, one scoop of ice cream two glasses of soft drinks. is it cheap? i think a bit tiny weeny bit expensive.

 lalalalalalalalala haji lane is getting boring. and i need a weekend job. any intro? hahahaha. BYE! i want play the fishing game!

OH YA! there's this restaurant at iluma! we went there for dinner! seriously dont try the curry chicken noodle. like shit like that! i only eat the chicken so now i damn hungry la. but the black pepper chicken leg/thigh! FU! must try! super nice. although the rice a bit nia. the restaurant is call taste @ ......... i forget where alr! hahahha. taste @ la! at iluma!!!!


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