Monday, May 2, 2011

tired! sick! fuck you!

hi im tired shit after the sakura fest @ singapore flyer! k gonna post a few pics only lazy to type. who the fuck would read a whole post of words. zzz
the two girls are jap idols. yeah i look ridiculous. anyway im re-typing this post cause my stupid uncle go off the internet. and im too lazy to switch it on. anyway i had a hair cut! 

 you know jellyfish? yeah jelly fish. i know is kinda out of fashion alr. but thats the point! who the hell wants to have the same hair style as every one? no not me. i feel like a cat. copy cat. anyway look like star war helmet. i swear! and yeah pictures time.




 anyway all the food is from din tai feng. i like the pi dan! fu! damn nice sia. i think my samsung jet camera like zai hahahahaha. k gtg. i lazy le. tmr still got meeting. tired like fuck! bye 

i want ipad!

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