Saturday, June 18, 2011

hi -.-

weee my blog was like super dead. teehee. lol whatever. gonna share stupid stuff like ...
this is how i watch anime hahahaha. i restore down both window weeheee. super smart right. this is why i need 2 screen.

and i have a lens page *hush*
help me like? lol

and! i'm like super busy now la wts. cause before i having holiday i keep sending resume everywhere. and guess what? now i got 5 jobs waiting for me to go! karma seriously.
1 is for some pizz roadshow $10/h, 1 for telemarketer $8/h, 1 is waitress $6/h, 1 is tutors for primary school (you are amazed i know.), another one is website thingy e. I'm speechless. i cant work all you see. but everyday i'll be super busy. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ? i still can make my monday free! lol amzed huh. whatever. im gonna work all anyway, i need money! hehehhehehe

cause ....

IM BUYING IPAD ON JULY! AND GOING USS WITH MY DEAREST! WOOHOO!!!! mad happy k. im super excited! i know i went uss before but still! IS WITH MY BABY! OMG! hehehe. k whatever. shall stop being hyper. oh ya oh ya i buying express pass also wahahahahhaha no need queue and all. can more more trips!!!! hehehehe.

looking forward to it like seriously!

oh ya if my audition goes well i got something to post! ^^
TADA BYE! im happy today so i give you all hearts <3<3

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