Monday, June 27, 2011

clothes buffet!

hi im back. blogging cause im watching the new episode of fairy tail so i decided to blog~ teehee. whatever, anyway i went to the clothes buffet by theblogshop. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR IT! but wtf? all the sneak preview stuff all not here? the things there is like....... not pretty at all! got lens and random accessories. but not clothes like -.- but anyway i manage to get 2 dress, 2 bracelets, 1 shorts and 2 falsies. quite okay for $30 bucks i know but still... disappointment.
 i know my mirror is like dirty max but.... lazy la fuck! lol. and i stuff all these stuff ^ into that small little paper bag. im super pro lol.

wtf random shit but ep 85 fairy tail damn sad! and gross like torture max.lucy, happy and carla like damn cool la! then now erza and gray come out! and yes ended. knn. dulan.

zzz i think like every post will have random shit like ^ ^ ^ hahahaha k back to topic so in the end clothes buffet is just like crazy girls snatching over unwanted and cheap clothes.

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