Friday, July 1, 2011

im bored.

hi im bored. finished my exam and i have nothing to do. 4 days of holiday, dont feel like going out so.......... wtf?! gonna post random stuff like. today baby came up and he was playing lol so i have got nothing to do.  so i start doing mask and all! first i used the mens Biore blackhead remover strips.

i used the black, mens one because...... i dont know, bigger, stronger? so all blackheads will come out?
but seriously not all will. so after doing this i used ginvera marvel gel. WHICH IS SUPER GOOD! like all your blackheads and random stuff will become white white stuff and came out. similar to the 'cure' i always use this before i put on my make up. so my nose wont like strawberry -.- gross max.

NEXT and lastly. i used some random mask from sasa. some pearl thingy. actually... i see no diff -.- plus i dont like it cause theres this smell. i think pearl smell la whatsoever. which i dont like. so yeah -.- and i bought this mask like 1 month ago so the side of the mask like dry alr! wts? all my other masks put for months! also wont dry ! means they put very little of the essence inside lo. so yeah -.- boo?

and tada ! thats all, -.- random much huh . 

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