Thursday, August 25, 2011


I JUST REALIZE I GOT 60+ UNIQUE HITS ON 19 AUG! lol on the keyword king -.-thanks to king laksa steamboat huh. lol I SHOULD POST MORE FOOD REVIEWS THEN! WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!
okay okay lets talk bout the latest restaurant i went to ichiban boshi. is kinda famous now right? i dont know but all my akibanana friends LOVE to eat there. i think i know why though. cause is cheap and good? lol. For example.

This spread only cost less than 50 bucks. Around 40.something only! The sushi wasn't really cheap. The chawamushi coated 3.90 so obviously I didn't order BUT! This thing! These two bowl of thing! Only 5.90! With the lollipop like potato and green tea free flow. Super cheap!! Till 5.30 only.


And it's rice so super full. Sushi wasn't necessary if you have small appetite. So........ After adding gst and service charge for this should be around 7 bucks. Aiya kopitiam cheaper la hahahaha. Kidding! Is quite nice.

Pictures time!!!

Baby making wasabi! A must have when eating sushi lol.

Lobster!!! Seriously I think fake la hahaha.

Actually got 4 pcs but too tempted. Can't wait.

My fav! Potato salad.

Mega erm. I forget what alr hahaha.

Seriously! The small octopus is scary! Bloody red and damn big! Ew seriously.

K bye!

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