Saturday, September 10, 2011

Universal studio 2

Okay This was super overdue. Was taken on 17.08.2011 and I didn't had the time to post....... K I lied. I was lazy hahahaha. Anyway! That day was Monday! School day! No people! Woohooooooooooo!!!! No need get express pass. Plus express pass is super no worth it. In case you don't know express pass only let you get in the express queue for the first time you try that ride. Okay I know my English is horrible. FOR EXAMPLE. you go in universal studio. You buy express pass. You go the mummy ride. POOF! you go in without queuing. Then after the ride end. You want to go again. POOF! please queue up thank you. Understand? On a second thought. Am I the only one who don't know?

Anyway pictures!!!!!!!

First pic taken lol.

Bf with my camera bag hahaha.

No fringe -.-

Forever. First character we saw forever is this.

WHY NO ME! okay I took this pic. So yeah -.-

One and only group pic!

Turkey leg!!!! Must buy!!!

I swear this is funny.

Trying to act like some model and fail badly.


Damn it! That day was raining! So I took of my falsies before taking the human and cyclone ride.

Worn out -.-

Yeah! The end. And I just did something that will make my self confident decrease DRAMATICALLY! I think I'm crazy -.-

Next post will be on the loots I got from OM! And some of my fav loots from.... I don't know where hahahaha.

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