Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top 5 manga (I THINK!) (warning super long post)

Okay hi -.- seriously I only blog bout manga alr! Lol. Okay I think only weekend I post like a normal blog k. Cause only weekend I make up hahahaha.

Okay whatever these 5 manga are kinda famous. They are in the top charts for all manga site (that I've been to) however they update very very slowly now. Here it goes. First one.

Rosario Vampire II

Seriously season II already. How bad can it be lol. It's getting very very excited already! Cause tsukune got vampire blood in him already! So he become super strong. And that's all? Lol but since he got stronger obviously it's nicer right! Anyway the latest chapter is 70 so good luck reading if you haven't start yet lol.
It's cute, sexy and romance.

Dengeki Daisy

Seriously which manga fan is not reading this?! Almost all people I know are reading it! Lol but hey it's nice okay. It's about a girl brother died and left her a mobile phone with a guy number. And that guy been emailing her to encourage her and all since the brother died. BUT APPARENTLY THE GIRL DON'T KNOW WHO LA! and! (spoiler) the guy killed her brother! So...... What will happen to they relationship! Go read to find out lol. But seriously the latest few chapters are boring! Cause they telling story. Latest is chapter 43, now okay already start on their romance again lol. Obviously rating is 5/5 la wtf already say is famous right. Too lazy to post. All 5/5.

Black Bird

THIS ONE! FU! I TELL YOU THIS ONE DAMN NICE! hahahaha. Too bad! I like those unrealistic manga lol like demon and blah blah blah. This is about romance between demon and human. Same shit which one is not sia -.- but this starts from their childhood so....... Not really that special also LOL! Okay la but the story line not bad okay. Cause the girl flesh/blood is what demon wanted. Cause can grant them power. So this black bird is protecting him as he is the high rank demon. So yeah now also update damn slow. Good luck. Latest chapter is 30 only wtf.

Love so life

I think this one not really Famous but since I alr post bout faster than a kiss so I shall post love so life instead. Love so life is about a orphan who is a childcare center teacher (if I'm not wrong) so by some happening chance she was hired by this famous host to take care of his two niece I think. And so the story goes on lol. I would say it's super cute and a bit of romance? Latest chapter was 27. So little very easy finish one. Lol less than one day.

Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu

High school student! Woohooooo. The starting is not much different from others. An weird/funny encounter that brings a nerdy girl and mr popular together and thus their love story begins. NOTHING ELSE TO SAY! lol. I mean ultimately if is romance most people would read alr right? So I see no point in elaborating the story. Latest chapter was 70!!!!!!!!! Good luck! Lol. More or less I already forgotten the story lol.

Okay! 5 already! Wtf damn long. So enjoy and if you bother to read you would know why I didn't put rating for the last 3 manga. enjoy! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Next post is my weekend post! Hahaha finally gonna look like a blog

P.S: the manga is updating damn slowly now. And wanted to change my side bar info for the longest time but too busy/lazy to do so ~

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