Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back from hibernation

Back to do some random blogging. Guess I only blog when I can't sleep or when I have nothing better to do.

I always feel/know/think that I'm a strong girl or woman whatever (19 sill girl right) I can defend myself, I'm independent and I can support myself. But after being together so like 5 years going to be. With my boyfriend I realised I'm becoming more and more spoilt. I started to depend on him, likes to cuddle with him and likes to sleep with him. (literally sleep and nothing else) last time I as a really cool girlfriend, you can ask him lol. I don't text him unless he text me, I don't ask for his whereabouts and I don't interfere with his personal life. So I'm not sure is it good or bad, I started to become weak and I start to be more loving. Sometimes I really don't like the "new" me -.-

End of my craps. Picture time.

Ending with a picture of my beloved doggie!

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