Friday, October 5, 2012

Rainbow cupcake

I'm having my school holiday now so I'm like super free. So on that fateful day(I just forgotten which day is it) I met up with Philida/himiko to bake rainbow cupcake! It's really easy! If you buy the premade mix lol. In my case I used the green butter cake mix. I know most of the people use the 2-layer white cake mix instead so the colour would show up nicer but I couldn't find it at that time so I just bought the butter mix.

I'm sorry for the lack of picture lol.

Anyway I just divide into 7 potion and mix in the GEL food colouring. Gel is better and colours will show up nicer. I'm sorry I'm using Philida's so I'm not sure where to get it. Normal baking supplies shop should have at around 1-3buck for each colour? So finally bake! Baking in process~~~~

Look at her gorgeous oven I super love big oven like this but my family don't really bake so we only have the small one :(

Mine! Pastel colour! Not really rainbow colour but nice! Lol

If you notice, the colour is a bit fucked up now lol. (hey pastel purple! Omg) cause after 20mins I'm too lazy to layer it one by one! Too much effort! So I basically pour everything in lol. Hey it turn out nice okay

Not mine my friend's the icing was too watery so I didn't use it. She use it in the end. Hers look really nice because she spent 2hours layering it. Wtf. And she's using the 2 layer cake mix so her colour is more vibrant. BUT mine taste nicer cause got butter taste lol. The mix she using is white so it's kinda like sugary taste only which is too sweet for me so I'm glad I didn't use it. But this butter mix is too sweet also! Next time I shall do my own mix! I can control the sweetness :) (will post pic of mix soon)

Btw it was a gift from me to my bf. he finished everything lol.

Anyway went to bugis after trillion years (exaggerating) with my childhood friend! And bought the red velvet cupcake from twelve cupcake.

Review: it look really cute! The cream cheese icing on top is perfect! Like it a lot but the amount is too much. It's like half of the cupcake I think it should be 1/3? The cream cheese taste covered the taste of the velvet cupcake. To be honest it's my first time eating red velvet I thought it has a special taste to it but instead it actually means the texture and it only has chocolate taste :( but the texture is really moist and smooth. I couldn't finish the icing because it's really too cheesy.

2.5/5 overrated.

People are raving bout how good the cupcakes at twelve cupcakes are and how affordable it is.
Overall from me. Too pricy for this kind of cupcake. The potion is small and it's not really that tasty

Blog soon bout manga! :)

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