Tuesday, March 5, 2013

beauty box or whatever box you call it.

old news but do you know about the monthly subscription 'beauty box' thingy thats super hot now? okay not super hot but still famous la okay!
there's 3 different 'brand' BellaBox ($19.95), GlamaBox ($18) and Vanitytrove ($25) 

see i'm kind enough to give the link lol. anyway currently i'm subscribed to BellaBox for around 6-8 months alr? i don't know too lazy to count BUT recently! i'm thinking of subscribing VanityTrove! so i did a bit of research about all these boxes and i found this (i'm sorry) not so famous Glamabox. i shall list down what i think about the 3 different boxes


i like what i receive so far it's more concentrated on body lotion and make up products. one thing i really like about bellabox is that they have free gift now and then. on different months i actually received free gift like eyeshadow brush, mirror and lipstick pen all with bellabox name on it. which i think it's really nice for them to do that and maybe that's why the price increased, it actually used to be $15 but i guess i can understand because they want to add more free gifts and products for the customers. BUT one thing i dont like is ALL THE LOTIONS.
see the items i really like it alot but over the months that i subscribed from them i got so much body lotion :( i hope they have more make up but i know it's ex!!!


i have no idea what they send out because i didn't subscribed to it BUT I GO GOOGLE IT! * just google that shit, google that shit* this lady was sponsored by vanitytrove every month to do a review SO HERE'S THE LINK   go read yourself lol. anyway from what i read they actually send out things more on the higher ends like L'Oreal and..... i dont know what else but that's what i feel after reading it. IF you are a big fan of cosmetics you can subscribed to it too i guess? it has a min of  1 make up product in it every month and 1 full size product ( almost the same as bellabox but they only give full size for things like OPI, eyeliner and mascara. those small things ) 


frankly speaking i dont know what to say lol. from what i read the brand they carry in are more from HK and those that are famous in HK so for those who refuse to step out from their comfort zone may feel insecure using it. BUT it's cheap, it's only $15 per month 
these are the item they sent out for feb. and i only recognize Dr Cell, Clinique (which is just a sample pack) and the mask. so honestly speaking i didn't consider on subscribing it. i guess i just prefer my comfort zone. FYI i think they focus more on skincare also. 

TO SUM THINGS UP i hope VanityTrove will sponsor me LOLOLOL! keep dreaming la hor just let me dream!!!!!!!! but i'm honestly considering whether to subscribe not. guess it depend on what bellabox send out this month! 


k that's all 
TO END THINGS UP LET'S END WITH A PIC OF ME HAVING X7 CHAIN LOL AND MY PRETTY HAIR (but that's like 1 month ago, the purple faded! knn) BYE

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