Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adopt not breed

I know that nobody really read my blog but I just feel that I have to blog about this. I own a dog and I love her a lot. This is my little precious in her superman clothes!

Anyway I BOUGHT her from my younger sister friend. It was a sudden decision so we bought a dog instead of adopting one. But I still feel that adopting is much much more better than buying.

1. Save
By adopting you are saving those poor, homeless dogs or rather animals. Those animals are usually mix breed and abandon. Saw some comment on Instagram asking if those dogs are healthy. They are start dogs or abandoned puppies. Yes they might not be healthy but if nobody adopt them they will be put to sleep! When you buy a dog you have to give them injection and sterilisation and maybe insert the chip and by adopting a dog you have to do the same. So for me I feel that the cost is almost the same.

2. Discourage people from breeding more dogs
Some breeders are very irresponsible! All they want is cute little puppies and they mistreat the parents dog. For example when a dog is too old to give birth or unable to give birth they would just abandon them on the street! This is what we call 用完就丢!!! Yes they are animals but its still a life we are talking bout! Just like will you abandon your daughter after she gave birth to your grandchildren?!

These are the two main points I wanna talk about. I know I'm not some noble person who adopt dogs to save them. I can't adopt a lot of dogs cause I do not have a house of my own and its impossible for me to have a dogs shelter because I do not have the space and capital. But I do hope that more people can adopt than buying dogs by spending a few thousand dollars to buy a cute puppies, you can actually save more dogs from the shelter and spending even less money.

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