Sunday, February 27, 2011

i'm super bad at choosing places

two times  in a month, i choose the wrong bloody place to eat! i think i can go eat shit alr. first time is the midnight curry located near kovan. upper seragoon road i think. it's used to be famous and super nice. but now ... the clam is like fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. last time damn nice. now not only it is like smelly alr or got sand! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

second time, which is today, the stupid xiao xuan feng i swear. it's fucking horrible! including me and darling there's only 5 other people. pathetic or what. things that we ordered. seriously too ugly alr. so i never reply take pictures.
xlb is like my fav food can, this xlb fail! the meat taste like fuck like that (not like i know what fuck taste like) the herbal chicken wah seriously damn smelly as in. the oil smell damn smelly, confirm some cheapo oil. the pork fried rice -.- fried rice no taste, the pork super salty. wtf?! only thing that passed is the drink. cause is provided by 3rd party not by them (HENG ARH!) overall we wasted 40bucks yeah fml totally, i sswear next time will be better hahahahaha (consoling myself k!)

after blogging this i feel like i have to blog bout our third year anniversary. we went to rise restaurant for dinner.... i'll blog when i have time hahaha. gotta watch anime now hehehehehe

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