Wednesday, March 2, 2011

some people should just burn in hell

someone just posted a video bout a guy singing in the bus. and i read all the comments. all those (not all sorry) bitches and bastards who comment are saying things like which school he from and they feel damn embarrass cause he's from the same school as them, how he sing and dance is stupid, disgraceful, laugh at him and so on.

from same school - if those idiots who commented on the video never mention that which school the boy is from no one will know! and the no one refer to those who are not same school with him, knows him and blah blah blah. you feel disgraced?! PLEASE! if you don't mention it you wont feel disgrace right? you are the one disgracing yourself. pray hard you don't make a joke out of yourself one fine day, and someone took a video of it and upload it to youtube. i hope the person who upload mention all your fucking details.

how he sing and dance is stupid - you can sing in bus? you dare to dance in bus? NO so STFU. plus they already said that he's mentally disable. so wtf you want huh? pray hard your children next time won't have mental disable k? imagine how the parents feels.

laugh at him - you know the most horrible comment is a stupid guy said that to lock him up in a cage or send to mental hospital for life! wtf man lock him up? he knows how to take fucking bus. he can sing and dance and everything, he got the right to lead a normal life. so who the fuck you think you are to ask people to lock him up? why no you lock yourself up everyday and just sit in front of com? i think you would love that. bitch

talking bout all these useless shit makes me feel sick! i shall mention something nice~!

LEOPARD PRINTS LENS! OMG! I WANT IT BADLY! (yes i know my mood change like damn fast but who gives a fuck) there's like 3 different color for leopard prints! white, yellow and blue! mad chio can! for 3 months i think. but i not sure bout the price. i wanna buy it badly. but baby say he won't go out with me if i wear those lens T.T but i want buy! lol. 

k i think this post damn freaking long so yeah bye ~ those asshole i hope you burn in hell. 

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