Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi you ass. You think you what huh? Come back as and when you like?? Come back then I have to give in. Seriously!!!! If you wasn't my elder I would ask you to fuck off and die. Zzz!

K on to happy stuff. Talking bout him makes my blood boil!!!!! Anyway~~ I went photoshoot hehehe for flyer event k!(with 3 other friends though) I super proud. But I think most of it will be my friend appearing in the brochure. She is the poster girl of our Cafe! And she super good at make up, she have a great smile too! TT hahaha. All my friends Chio bu k!

Pretty right! Tsk tsk. I look so old hahahah! Anyway went to eat with the poster girl! She super ass keep talking unglam pic of me. Then keep act cute when I take pic of her -.-

See! Act yi ge use phone actually she smiling cause she know I taking pic hahaha.

Nah la. Hahaha. Bye~

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