Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Test test?

Using blogpress now as you can see the signature. Actually I think quite good? You can post pics and everything.


Yeah actually just wanna talk cock hahaha. Oh ya! I did bikini line waxing today. DIY okay! The result okay la hahahaha. Yeah enough of crap. Bye.

Wait! Did I mention I went to universal studio? I don't care la hahaha. Few pics. Should at least go once in your lifetime. Super cute and fun! Basically I tried all the rides! Hahahah. Mad cool.

The cars all very cute!

Took this photo right in front of the hat shop. Basically everyone went there to take photo not to buy the hats -.- (the hats cost bout $50 still got change hahaha)

Believe it or not. She's my mum. She mad cute hahaha. Chubby~~~~ she's gonna kill me.

And I bought this! Laptop bag! Yes I'm fucking unique now! No one got the same as me! (I hope)

So yeah. Alot more but lazy post total 300+ pics. So yeah. Not gonna upload. Bye.

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