Saturday, March 12, 2011

laptop! blog! i miss you!

my laptop is back! wee look like brand new! if you didnt open it up hahaha. cause i always do my nails on my laptop so yeah -.- anyway! update on what happen! (fuck man i like blogging to air hahahaha.)

my hair officially golden hahahah. i went to dye my hair at salon okay! i fucking cheapo one hahhaha normally i bleach only. this time i bought voucher from wahahahaha cheap! $48 nia~ hahahah mad happy.

secondly. mum bought a weighing machine so i know my weight alr. mad sad, but still refuse to exercise hahaha lazy la! a leopard will never change it spots you know you know~ actually got much cuter image but this one got golden hair and fat! hahahhaha (lame)




it's my grandma 60th birthday~~~~~~~ and i worn a dress! woohoo! miracle huh. now i rarely wear dress or skirt -.- hahahah. so yeah. that's all i guess? 

OH YA! i remember something. these few days had been playing mahjong! hahaha damn fun swear. but today! i tried to make shi san yao which looks like this 
i lazy to explain how to win. but anyway alot of my friends say very suay one. after win this shi san yao you wont win again. but i wanna try! plus my tiles really all should make lo -.- THEN! when i 2 tiles away from winning! i throw a stupid tile and BOOM other 3 people won! wtf? like all wait the same tile -.- so yeah. wtf damn suay. then after that all my tiles very messy and all. so yeah. i hate you shi san yao! wont ever try again. -.- 

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