Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hi! From now onwards I'll update mostly bout manga! Bout my life revolve around manga, tuition, anime and dragon nest. So apparently only manga and anime is worth blogging bout lol. So yeah -.-

Hana to Akuma

Seriously speaking i really prefer completed manga but then again mostly I found are ongoing still. So Hana to Akuma is super duper nice! Swear. Is cute and also sad. Why sad? Go read yourself. Really damn sad. I seriously cried. Yes me. Cried. Okay not cry k. Just tear. 5/5 super nice swear!

Faster than a kiss

Cute! Super cute! Hahahaha romance between teacher and student. I like leh! So high school hahaha. I don't have the chance to experience high school. So yeah -.- anyway is really cute like how the husband refuse to make dinner if the wife don't cosplay hahahaha But my friend Cheryl find it boring. Wtf. She no taste. 5/5 for cuteness!

Pig bride

I just read finish this. Erm I wouldn't say it's very nice or funny. I just find the story line quite nice. Like how the guy avoid the girl cause she's always wearing a pig mask. Like seriously pig mask. Now it's still at the very beginning when she finally took off the mask so yeah I don't know what's next. So 3/5?

Okay next post is ecchi manga k hahahaha.

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