Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bellabox products review (outdated)

SURPRISE IM BACK! (In LoL jax voice *if you know what I mean*)
So I'm lying on bed waiting for my mask to be done and hair to dry cause I don't know what got into me and made me take a shower at this timing. Since I'm super free and had lots of time to bath I decided to try a few items I got from bellabox months ago.


The one I got from bellabox is in small packet not small container as shown here. It smell really nice even nicer than the essentials shampoo (white) I'm using currently. I have rather sensitive scalp so I would get dandruff easily if the shampoo doesn't suit me. For example, whenever I dye my hair I would have dandruff for the next week due to the shampoo they used on me for that only one time. YES ONE FREAKING TIME!! So this brand is one of the few brands that wouldn't give me dandruff after using it. I'm considering whether to switch to this shampoo! Cause my hair feels much silky after use.


I don't like the smell! The smell is too strong! I love black tea but I can't stand the honey smell because it gives off a very strong baby powder alike smell which I hated. HOWEVER my face does feel smooth after washing I think it's due to the honey. Another thing, while washing it will produce foam like bubble foam. Overall I do like this product cause my face feel smooth after use but not the smell so I don't think I will buy it.


The one I used is different its for whitening, moisturising and ....... Something else lol. The usual effects la. my face does feel smoother after using but I feel that all the other mask gives the same effect so I'm not really sure whether this is really efficient not. So average I guess.


THIS IS DA BOMB!!!!!! I got a sample pack from bellabox which look like this

One 1step, one 2step and one cotton Q tip with uneven surface on one end. Used these this afternoon MY NOSE FEELS SO SMOOTH!!!! KIMOCHI!!!!!! Now I finish my mask my nose area still feels so much smoother! (Warning long post of praising) after I used the 1step (as seen on the pack easier to differentiate) I can't see really obvious black head popping out but when I used the black Q tip DABOMB white thingy stick to it! Which is black+white heads btw. But I still use the metal thingy as seen in the first pic (I don't know what's that called and it in my bellabox in don't know which month) to squeeze lightly on my nose and all the blackheads come out rather easy. THEN I use the 2step for 10mins and after 10mins I massage the excessive moisture on my nose, not washing off. MY NOSE FEELS SO SMOOTH! You can't compare this with the smoothness you got after using those normal blackhead strip this is much smoother! I can see that the pores at my nose area is so much smaller. It would be better if I had that cream to apply but too bad I do not have it :( but I'm going to buy the set at Watson this week! This is how good it is!

Anyway k thanks for reading bye. Hands tired.


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